He Helped Launch Some of the Leading Internet Technology & Media Companies Such as Yahoo, AOL & Netscape.


Shopping Sherlock was founded in June 2012 by Michael Wiedder and was profitable after the second month in business. We are both a Debt Free and Solid Company. Currently in June 2014 affiliates earn $2.00 per month per active app. CEO Michael Wiedder expects to increase this to $4.00 or more per month in December 2014.


Our CEO Michael Wiedder has experience in business leadership and has had great success in Internet Innovations. He was a pioneer on the Internet, an Internet Guru since the 1990’s, and was at the forefront of the Internet explosion. Michael Wiedder produced expositions and conferences in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, attracting over 10,000 people per event with over 125 companies participating in each city. Through these he helped launch some of the well-known leading Internet technology and media companies such as Yahoo, AOL and Netscape.

My goal is to help make Shopping Sherlock the first billion dollar direct sales Company. When you look at the category leaders, Avon, the leading Cosmetic Company did over 11 Billion dollars in sales in 2011, with several other Cosmetic Company’s over a billion in sales. Amway did about 11 billion dollars and Herbalife did over 3.5 billion.

I believe in the information age that we live in, there is an opportunity for a technology Company to be the next billion-dollar Company and the leader in the digital category. Our goal is for Shopping Sherlock to be that Company. With that, we will be able to significantly impact and change the lives of many thousands of distributors and their families around the world.

In addition, we will continue to strive to create a great company culture and our charitable initiatives will help make a dramatic difference for those in need!



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