Google is not set up to find the Lowest Prices. Shopping Sherlock Free App is set up to find the Lowest Prices.

When you tell someone to Google it, Google makes money from their advertisers, but you don’t make money. When you tell someone to Sherlock it with this Free Shopping App, they save money while you make money. Our Copyrighted Internet Software Technology App!


INTRODUCTION VIDEO  Let us show how you can benefit from this amazing opportunity. Make money by just giving away this Free Shopping Comparison App.


College Students

College students use this Free App to Make Money. Most people don’t realize that Google is not programmed to find the lowest prices. Our Free Shopping App finds you the lowest prices online, up to 70% off, on practically anything. College Students are the Technology Generation. They understand the Mobile Revolution. They are giving away this Free App World-Wide Shopping App to students in their schools and schools around the country. Foreign students are sharing this Free App with their family and friends back in their countries because this is a World-wide Shopping App. When people use this App to search for products, even if they don’t buy any products, the student who gave the App to them Makes Money! The more they share the Shopping  Sherlock App, the more money they make!


WATCH THIS PRESENTATION / MOBILE APP VIDEO  about the extraordinary increased value of this Free App now and the expected explosion by the end of 2014 and about this year’s amazing growth. Our New Mobile App will be launched in September at out London UK Convention. This is a Game Changer in our industry because we’re the only ones in the world with this Free World-wide Mobile App Technology:



We are the perfect fundraising tool because there are No Products to Sell, just a Free Shopping App to Give Away to people to save money and for the Organization to raise money.

When each of your members gives away 50 Free Apps to their friends and relatives to help raise funds, your organization will have thousands of active App users searching for products. When App users search for products even if they don’t buy the products, the organization who gave the App to them makes money on a monthly basis. Currently in June 2014 Affiliates earn $2.00 per active App. We expect this to increase to $4.00 or more per month in December 2014. The more they share the App, the more money the organization can make!

Fundraising Organizations, Churches, Schools, American Legions and Foundations are signing others around the country and other countries to join their business. Plus your church receives 20% Bonus on the earnings of organizations they signed. We have 9 ways to raise money. Can you see how Amazing this Free App is?

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We are working with a company that has a program in place to makes calls for you to prospects that are looking for a home based business in the U.S.A. They interview these prospects and qualify them to determine if they want to sign for the Shopping Sherlock business or at least sign up as a customer for the Free Shopping App. This Amazing program will acquire up to 6 affiliates and 25 customers per month and sign them under you! This is a very unique program because building your team is usually the most difficult part of this industry. There is also an international program available.

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