Uncle Sam Pays the Cost to Start and Run Your Home Based Business by Reducing Your Taxes Up to $6,000 Yearly.

This is to help you pay your monthly business expenses. If your business expenses are less, you keep the difference. Imagine when two people in a household each have a Home Based Business. They will increase their yearly Tax Refund up to $12,000.

Maximize Your Tax Refund

The Congress Has Passed Home Based Business Tax Refunds
Home Business Tax Deductions Have Helped Many People Cut Their Taxes by Up to 30% to 50%

Your tax refund from your part-time home based business can allow you to Reduce The Taxes you Pay at your Regular Job or retirement.

Having a part-time home based business offers the same deductions as that of a large business, but you will see how to get even more benefits than they do!

We will share Information with you on how to Use you Car Mileage as a deductible business expense. Even your drive to and from your regular job can became a business expense at 56.5 cents every mile. You can deduct $3,000 to $5,000 or more per year. 90 days of recordkeeping often can be enough to document business-use for the full year! “This is one of your largest tax deductions.”

We will share Information with you on how your Home Office can be considered a business expense. Most people don’t know you can also include a separate business meeting room and other business related areas such as hallways for copy/fax machine, business related bookshelves and use closets for business storage. Adding this additional square footage can allow you to have a much bigger deduction of your home expenses such as heating oil, electricity, natural gas, home repairs, phone bills, etc. Since your home is your place of business, it does not matter whether you Own or Rent your “Office Space.” You can deduct the “Business Use Percentage” of your mortgage interest or your “Rent Payments,”

Health Care – Your medical coverage is a common business expense and is deductible by self-employed persons the same way it is by other businesses.

Hiring your Children from 6 years old and up to help in your Home Business, the money you pay them is tax deductible wages, and the money they earn from you up to $5,950 a year is Tax Free!

Vacations as tax deductible business trips, including 100% of air fares, hotels, rental cars, taxis, tips and more. Converted some Personal Expenses into Business Deductions

Once you add these Additional Tax Deductions, you can see how much you can Save by Having a Business, besides what you Earn from the Business itself!


We have more Tax Deductions Information for you!






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